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9 Things a Digital Press Kit Should Include for your Music Project

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A digital press kit should contain the following elements:

1- Digital photos of the band, preferably a portrait, that communicates your brand image. Include one low-resolution JPEG at 100 dpi sized at 8 inches and a high-resolution JPEG at 300 dpi sized at 8 inches for each file. If you do not understand dpi other format requirements ask your photographer or graphic designer. Don’t send more than three. The band photo should clearly feature all contact information.  Your personal phone number and e-mail should only be available to the press and booking agents marketing materials. All materials for public consumption, such as posters or displays, should not have your phone number or personal email. It should just have the name of the band, social media link, and the website address.

2- A well-written biography. Don’t compare yourselves to The Beatles unless you are a Beatles cover band.

3- Performance video ONLY if good quality.

4- Include an MP3 or e-mail link in which your songs can be easily downloaded and played.

5- Image of the album or single release at actual size in two jpeg sizes:  100 and 300 dpi jpeg.

6- Web site address. Have your contact information designed into the wireframe’s footer. This way it will appear on every page of your site.

7- Links to FB, Twitter, SnapChat, and other social media sites that have your contact and marketing information.

8- Links to coverage (URLs to articles, photos, etc. for online publications and/or blogs.)

9- Links to hear your music. Make it easy to experience your music. Soundcloud offers several ways to send and embed links to music files that can be used across most platforms.


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