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Who Are We

Art4Music is photographer James Bland and designer Robert Greeson. Collectively they have more years in the music business than they’re willing to admit. What that means for you is a wealth of talent and experience that will make your music project look as good as it sounds. Possibly better.




Art4Music has been photographing local and national bands for over 25 years; in the studio, on stage, back stage, in public and private. Our zeal for capturing the essence of the musician in front of the lens is evident in each of these photographs. Numerous design and photography awards for clients from every corner of the music world can attest to this. Step in front of the camera and see what we can do for you.


Make your music visually memorable. Whether it’s physical CDs and vinyl, or digital images for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon or anywhere else in the digital realm, your artwork is specifically designed and formatted for any market. We can also help you with digital and print marketing, logos, tour merchandise and wearables. If you’ve got an existing brand or you’re just starting out, we can make you look good.


From grindcore to gospel, from coffee-house singers to multinational record labels, we have worked in every genre of music and with every type of music client. Some of which include ZZ Top, Willie Nelson, B.B. King, Joe Walsh, Pearl Jam, Lyle Lovett, the Dixie Chicks, Soundgarden, Motley Crue, James Brown, Sony, Warner Brothers, A&M, Interscope, and Island Records. We’d like to work with you, too.

If you need Photography or Design or both, give us a call.

It doesn’t matter if you recorded your entire project in your bedroom on GarageBand or if you’re signed to a major label and have been recording and touring for years. We have reasonable rates and we’re used to working within a budget. We work on all types of music projects both large and small, and we can make something happen. Give us a call. Let us make you look good.